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Dog Food Comparison – How Our Comparisons Work

Dog Food Comparison - Overview

Trying to find a healthy food for your dog used to be a test of faith. Fortunately, government standards and the internet have made it so that you can make an informed choice much easier.

There are several things to consider when choosing a food for your dog:


  • Age Of Your dog
  • Size Of Your Dog
  • Activity Level Of Your Dog
  • Current Weight Of Your Dog
  • Any Allergies Your Dog May Have

Dog Food Comparison - Labels Tricks


By law (as created by AAFCO - The Association of American Feed Control Officials), all ingredients must be listed in order by weight from greatest to least. This means that if beef is the first ingredient, beef must be the most prevelant ingredient in the food.

Unfortunately, there are several tricks that many food manufacturers use to manipulate the perceived quality of their food. The good news is that we are aware of these tricks, and take them into consideration when rating our products.

Dog Food Comparison - Our Rating System

We use a 10 point rating sytem. A dog's diet should consist mostly of quality proteins and fats, whic make up 7 of the 10 points. Balanced nutrition and fiber shoud come from fruits and vegetables which make up 2 points. Additives such as vitamins, minerals, supplements, and probiotics make up the final point.

Positive Points
Quality of protein - Up to 4 points
Quality and balance of fats - Up to 3 points
Quality of fruits and vegetables - Up to 2 points 
Additional Microbiotics and Probiotics - Up to 1 point
Total - 10 Points

Negative Pints
Presence of "bad" grains - Up to -2 points
Presence of Byproducts - Up to -3 points

Dog Food Comparison


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